The power of protein

Eggs are fascinating. Not only do they have the ability to become life, they also have almost miraculous powers. They hold things together, they add color and taste, they help products retain moisture, increase in volume and create amazing textures. And did I said they are nutritionally loaded? From cakes to custards they are virtually irreplaceable.

No, I am not talking about the well loved latin dance. Few people know the versatility of meringues, they can be eaten raw, cooked or baked. They can be added to other recipes or they can be used as toppings, they can be torched and so much more. They are made with just the egg white and here are some rules you want to make sure follow. 

Here are some basic recipes and their uses

French or Common Meringue
The very first recipe I ever lay my hands on. Nothing Simpler than a common meringue. But very easy to mess up. Follow instruction carefully for a successful and beautiful cloud of whipped egg whites.

Whip egg whites until slightly double in size, Gradually add the granulated sugar, making sure the previous sugar dissolves before adding the next. You can do this in  three stages. Once all granulated sugar is added, slowly add the confectioners sugar and  whipped to the desired consistency, this will depend on the use. To add to cakes soufflés and sponges whip to medium peaks. For toppings and macarons, whip to stiff peaks. This meringue can be now used for toppings  and can even be torched. You can also pipe in parchment lined sheet pans and dry in a 200 degree oven for a couple of hours.